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Tevva and ZF create a highly efficient regen braking system

UK EV maker Tevva has finished development of its 7.5T battery-electric truck’s regenerative braking technology.

The development involved working with Tier 1 supplier ZF to integrate its Electronic Brake System (EBS) for use in Tevva electric trucks. The EBS enables safe regenerative braking up to 180 kW, whereas the traditional air brake system limited passive regen to 40 kW owing to safety concerns. Regenerative and compressed air brakes enhance driver safety, responsiveness and recuperate up to four times more energy than a conventional compressed air brake system in the Tevva 7.5T, the company said.

“The system has been adapted for use with our regenerative system; when the brake pedal is pushed, most of the braking is handled by regenerative,” Uzair Jilani, Tevva’s Lead Engineer, Drive and Brake Systems, said. “The conventional braking system is still needed to bring the truck to a complete stop, but this double layer of safety aids more efficient driving. It also means that the hardware undergoes less strain to extend the braking system’s life in the long run.”

Tevva’s London factory started mass manufacturing of its 7.5T EV this year. Tevva EV’s 105 kWh battery enables a range of 140 miles (227 km). The company also plans to start producing a hydrogen-electric truck with a hydrogen range-extender that boosts range to 354 miles (570 km).

Source: ZF

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