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Tesla remotely unlocks extra range for Florida customers fleeing hurricane

Two displays in the Telsa Model S

As a monster hurricane approaches Florida, millions of people are on the roads, creating chaos and confusion. Many companies are doing what they can to help, waiving fees and adding services to make it easier for people to evacuate.

Tesla is doing its bit by remotely unlocking the full battery pack capacity of certain Model S and X vehicles that have battery packs software-limited to 60 kWh.

Some older Teslas have 75 kWh battery packs, but were sold as 60 kWh models. The packs are limited by software to the shorter range, and the owner has the option to pay a fee to upgrade to the full range of the pack at a later date (the company no longer offers this arrangement).

Using its over-the-air update feature, Tesla has temporarily extended the range of these vehicles for Tesla owners in the path of Hurricane Irma. One Florida Model S 60 owner told Electrek that he was pleasantly surprised to find his range extended to almost 40 more miles than usual.

At last report, Tesla Superchargers in Florida were still operational, except for the station in the Keys, which is offline, and the one in Ft Myers, which is listed as offering “reduced service.”


Source: Electrek

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