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Telsonic introduces high-voltage ultrasonic metal welding system

Telsonic offers system integrators a new PowerWheel torsional ultrasonic welding station, MAG ultrasonic generator, electrical panel with control, OPC UA and touchscreen interface.

The Telso Terminal TT7 ultrasonic metal welding system improves quality and process control in cable assembly, terminal assembly and battery manufacture, the company said. For cable cross sections up to 200 mm2, it can offer high-voltage welding for a variety of metal cable configurations and connection types. This integrator-friendly configuration also uses PowerWheel torsional welding technology.

Per the company, a quick-change system from Telsonic allows tool changes in under five minutes. The ultra-short cycle time of 20 seconds and ultrasonic tooling cooling capabilities (without compressed air) are designed to maximize productivity and overall equipment effectiveness. Telsonic’s Telso Flex software for Terminal TT7 streamlines production monitoring and application logging. Production data and sensor readings are provided for digital data logging and process assessment.

Source: Telsonic


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