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Suzuki may sell EVs in India

Suzuki Motor Corp, the Shogun of small cars, is considering launching an EV in India, though it sees infrastructure as a big challenge. No details or dates have been mentioned, but it might be logical to assume that Suzuki’s tiny Swift PHEV, which is on display at this week’s Tokyo Motor Show, is the model in question. The Swift is in the demonstration phase in Japan, with sales scheduled to begin by 2013.


“It is under consideration to launch electric vehicles in India,” a Suzuki VP told Indian news agency PTI. “We cannot tell you…the specifications. There is possibility, but the only problem is infrastructure in terms of electric plugs. Even in [compressed natural gas] models, there is limitation in the number of gas stations. So it is more difficult to introduce electric vehicles in India, but we will introduce at the right time and it is under consideration.”


Images: Alex Graves, Suzuki


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