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Spy video captures Model X test drive…or is it?

Tesla Model X

An amateur video of what appears to be a Tesla Model X being test-driven has surfaced. Shot from a distance on a zoomed-in cell phone, the clip shows a camo-clad car going through some acceleration and cornering maneuvers. There’s also a still photo that seems to confirm that the vehicle is a Tesla. 

According to the videographer, the site is the former Alameda Naval Air Station, an enormous expanse that Tesla has used for test driving in the past. Although no one saw the distinctive Falcon Wing doors being opened, our friends at AutoblogGreen are 99% sure that this is the electric crossover that’s coming to blow apart the luxury SUV market.

However, with Tesla you never know. Some commenters smell a juicier story. Is this the Model 3, or some new concept, or…?


Source: Juan del Real (YouTube) via AutoblogGreen

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