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Spoiler alert: Tesla’s “Major new product line” might just be home energy storage

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Elon Musk is at it again, dropping hints about something really cool to be launched in a month’s time.

“Major new Tesla product line — not a car — will be unveiled at our Hawthorne Design Studio on Thurs 8pm, April 30,” tweeted the Iron Man this week.

Now begins another round of the Tesla Tango – a merry dance of anticipation and speculation leading up to a glamorous media event. What could the new product line be?

Bloomberg, for one, thinks it already knows, tipped off by none other than Musk himself. “We are going to unveil the Tesla home battery, the consumer battery that would be for use in people’s houses or businesses fairly soon,” said Musk in February, adding that the new product would be unveiled within a month or two.

Last May, Musk described the proposed home battery solution: “The sort of thing we have in mind is something that looks a bit like the battery pack in the Model S…something really flat…coming just five inches off the wall, a beautiful cover, integrated bidirectional inverter, and it’s just plug and play.”

A stationary storage device aimed at the retail market would make a lot of sense for Tesla. It would provide another application for the batteries soon to be rolling out of the Gigafactory (which the company hopes will bring battery costs down by 30 percent) as well as an elegant tie-in between Tesla’s vehicles and SolarCity’s solar panels.

Then again, maybe the big announcement isn’t going to be about batteries. Musk has also been tweeting about flying cars lately…


Source: Elon Musk, Bloomberg
Image: Jurvetson (CC BY 2.0)


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