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SCHURTER’s new thermal fuse has a lower trip temperature of 175° C

SCHURTER’s new reflowable thermal switch (RTS) has a trip temperature of >175° C, lower than their current offering’s >210° C. The RTS is a compact over-temperature protection device for power semiconductors. Prior to mechanical activation, the new thermal fuse can be soldered on conventional reflow soldering machines with profiles up to 260° C.

The lower tripping temperature is designed to protect power semiconductors from thermal runaway. The thermal fuse acts as a fail-safe device and reliably interrupts the circuit from as early as 175° C. The shunt version has an integrated resistance with low temperature dependence. 

The new over-temperature protection device comes with the same dimensions and breaking capacity as the previous model, despite its additional shunt functionality. On its 6.6 x 8.8 mm footprint the RTS can handle operating currents of up to 130 A and rated voltages of up to 60 VDC.



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