Renault tops European EV sales in 2015

Renault ZOE Motor

The EV markets on the two sides of the Atlantic look very different. Tesla tops the bestseller list in the US, followed by Nissan. In Europe, Nissan’s partner Renault rules the roost.

Some 97,687 pure electric vehicles were sold in Europe in 2015 – that represents 0.61% of the overall European car market, and an increase of 47.8% compared to 2014. Of those, 23,086 units were from Renault – a market share of 23.6% (or 25.2% if you include the Twizy). EVs represented 1.4% of the company’s total European sales.


Renault sells three EV models in Europe: The Zoe compact hatchback (which sold 18,453 units in 2015), the Kangoo Z.E. small commercial van (4,325 units); and the Twizy, a quirky-looking urban two-seater.

The Zoe performed particularly well in France, thanks to the “superbonus” incentive set up by the French government in April.


Source: Renault

  • Ramon A. Cardona

    In my view, the almost 100,000 units sold is significant and needs to stand by itself. The reference as to percentage of cars sold is irrelevant and does not add to the information. I recommend this dats point be absent in future reports. Thanks.

    • Electric Bill

      I do not agree with you and doubt many others would, either. It seems you would like everyone to have a rosy misconception of the EV market there, but if that figure were not included I suspect many readers would feel Charged EV was remiss by not including that information.

      I am thankful Charged seeks to present unbiased, accurate information, just as all journalism should be. It sounds like if you were running a blog, you’d do so like they would do in Russia or China, carefully creating an illusion to satisfy your own agenda. No reader wants that kind of editorial monkey business.