Renault K-ZE EV goes on sale for $8,700

Would you like to see a lower-priced EV, for those who can’t afford a Tesla or a Taycan? How does $8,700 sound? The Renault City KZ-E has a 30 kWh battery pack, a range of 168 miles (on the NEDC cycle), DC fast charging and an LCD control panel. There’s only one catch: you’ll have to go to China to buy one.

The electric version of the Renault Kwid made its debut at the recent Chengdu Motor Show, and will be offered in five variants in the Chinese market by the end of this year. Renault hopes to introduce it to India in 2022.

Renault developed the small city car in collaboration with local partner Dongfeng. It’s manufactured by eGT New Energy, a joint venture of Dongfeng and Nissan, and uses battery packs from Tianjin Lishen.

Renault is also working on an electric version of the Twingo, as well as a compact crossover, and either or both of these models may be announced for the European and US markets sometime in the next couple of years.

Source: GaadiWaadi via The Drive

  • Stuart McColl

    I love it !

  • freedomev

    Very likely the price after large subsidies as the pack itself cost them $4500 at least

    • Duncan Cairncross

      Made in America Teslas reached $100/kWh about a year ago
      I suspect a made in China pack today may be as low as $50/kWh – making that 30 kWh pack about $1500

      • freedomev

        You don’t understand cell production. China has no advantage over Tesla as Tesla has almost no labor costs and has superior equipment.
        The price of cells comes from material costs and better tech, equipment, China has neither.
        Much of the price comes from material costs and Tesla has the lowest material costs as they bought them before the price went up.
        So please how me just how China does them cheaper that last, meet specs?

        • Hurrya

          How do you know that Tesla has superior equipment. Everyone uses the sames Robots built by the same companies (Kuka, Fanuc,..). You can’t buy all your needs before materials go up, you will be wasting too much capital, they can buy 6 months worth but not what they would need for years to come. The K-ZE seems to be using LiFePO4 chemistry which is cheaper to make.

          • freedomev

            No, Tesla uses Tesla/Gorman? made robots that specializes in them, other Tesla engineering needs now.
            But Tesla advantage goes well beyond that without legacy BS, debt, corporate weight, inability to change.
            Plus a big vertically set up battery operation with the best tech, machines that is about to get 30% better than they already are.
            EV drive, power electronics , car computing, Tesla is well ahead .
            In how to build a lower cost, efficient EV the fact Tesla gets 30% more range on the same pack size shows. This is because every piece of a Tesla was designed to be the best EV.
            Lithium Batteries cost by weight.
            Since LiFe weighs 30%+ more than Tesla cells, it costs that much more to make at least. Plus slows the EV down cutting performance, range, thus increasing costs.

      • Luke William

        $100/kWh is at the cell level. For an assembled pack… who knows what the price is. I guess it depends on how many safety corners are cut.

        This other guy has no idea what he is talking about.

      • Maarten Vinkhuyzen

        Batteries in China are more expensive than in Nevada.

    • Maarten Vinkhuyzen

      China did discontinue all subsidies for cars with less than 250km NEDC range.
      For models with more range, the incentives were halved.
      This could be the price before subsidies and taxes.

      About the same price Renault suggested for the European version.

      • freedomev

        They are going to sell that car in Europe for the same price?

        • Maarten Vinkhuyzen

          Dacia, the Renault brand for economy cars, is the one that will likely bring this to market. The intention is a comparable price for the car when “factory gated”.

          In Europe the price in included everything. What is advertised is what you pay when driving away. taxes, transport, charging, first-aid kit, 4 yellow vests, license plates etc. all in the price advertised.

          I hope on an advertised price of below €13,000.

          • freedomev

            That’s a more likely price for Europe that will need a higher standard of equipment.

  • jstack6

    China, Maybe they will make it to the USA someday ???

  • Glenn Marks

    After Trump hits with import duties it will be $60K

    • MortimerSnerd

      … the way things are going for Trump these days he will be history before the next election.

  • Vincent Wolf

    This is exactly why the Detroit model is extinct and they will all go belly up in a few more years time. Manufacturing size is a huge hurt when it’s an ICE sized problem.

  • MortimerSnerd

    It’ll never happen, even if it were possible with economies of scale and reduced material costs. On the Detroit iron side of things, what gets into play are the unions who demand $35 to $40/hr wages, a 1950’s management mentality, complete with bloated administration; higher taxes, higher manufacturing, higher utility and infrastructure costs. Everyone will want their cut. Then comes a ‘ what the market will bear’ formula based on local wages, access to credit and disposable income. I’d say $20,000 to $25,000 is more likely.