Québec transit operator orders 27 Lion electric school buses

Transdev Canada, a private operator of school buses, has ordered 27 new electric school buses from Québec firm Lion Electric, an investment of just under $4.5 million (Canadian).

The compay’s fleet of 31 e-buses will be gradually introduced on school transport networks in the Estrie and Montérégie regions of Québec, beginning with the start of the school year in September 2020. Transdev’s ambition is to electrify 100% of its Québec school bus fleet by 2025.

Transdev, which operates in 20 countries, says its worldwide fleet already includes 800 electric buses, and will include 1,200 electrified buses (battery-electric and fuel cell) by the end of the year.

Transdev has chosen to develop an energy transition plan for school transportation in Québec, because most of the local energy is produced from hydroelectric sources, and therefore among the cleanest in the world. The introduction of the e-buses promises to reduce pollution by 99% compared to fossil vehicles.

“We wanted to demonstrate a strong commitment regarding energy transition, and in particular to serve the younger generations who are the public transportation passengers of tomorrow,” said Arthur Nicolet, CEO of Transdev Canada. “We have done so with two key partners: the Québec government, whose support is crucial to our electrification strategy, and Lion, a local Québec company with which we have been working for a long time.”

“We have been happy to support Transdev in their commitment to sustainable mobility since 2016,” said Marc Bédard, President and founder of Lion Electric. With 31 100% electric LionC school buses in their fleet, Transdev’s green shift is certain to have a major impact on the environment and children’s health for years to come.”

Source: Transdev

  • Vincent Wolf

    if the entire US converted all it’s diesel buses (about 480,000) to electric we would be able to store about 120 million kwH daily and that represents a huge electric battery for consumers in a blackout.

    • http://www.efest.ca Robert (Electricman) Weekley

      Add to that, another idea: Spread Start and End Times, for Schools.

      Instead of a Basic 9 to 3 each day, where all buses are Operating at the same time, consider 8 to 2; 9 to 3; 10 to 4; & 11 to 5! In this fashion, not All the School Buses would be needed to operate on the same time window, and a number of them could be connected to the grid, while others are in operation.

      Particularly, if these Buses offer Bi-Directional Power Transfer, as in Vehicle To Grid (V2G), as well!

      Different Schools in the Same District, with These “Spread” Start and End Times, would help support the Grid better, this way, as well as lightening the School Bus Traffic, at any given time, on the Roads!