Proterra partners with Thomas to build electric school buses

Daimler, the parent company of Thomas Built Buses, recently made a major investment in electric bus maker Proterra. Now the two companies have unveiled an electric school bus featuring Proterra’s powertrain.

Thomas originally presented the Saf-T-Liner eC2, aka Jouley, in late 2017. The latest version is being co-developed at Proterra’s Greenville, South Carolina manufacturing facility. Few technical details have been released, but Daimler says Jouley can be recharged using the CCS standard at 60 kW in three hours, which suggests a battery capacity of about 180 kWh.

“School buses provide critical community infrastructure and are an excellent application for vehicle electrification,” said Proterra CEO Ryan Popple. “We’re pleased to work with an industry leader like Thomas Built Buses to unveil a high-performance electric school bus that reduces our children’s exposure to diesel emissions.”


Source: InsideEVs

  • mipak

    Every truck and bus in the US should be electric. No excuses.

  • EVman

    This is good that Proterra partnered with Thomas Built. EDI did a horrible job on the first version. Still not sure why Cummins would buy EDI. It is like the blind leading the blind. We saw EDI system and it was the worst engineering we have ever seen in the industry. Crooked Jim Reynolds with Adomani fired 100% of all technical and electrical and mechanical engineering and is now in a huge 50 million dollar lawsuit against the founder of Adomani. Yes, the founder of Adomani has filed a massive lawsuit against the board members of Adomani. Looks like Proterra and Thomas built will run away with all of the electric school bus sales but never count your chickens before they hatch because there is a new company that has developed a new type of all electric drivetrain and power pack that will rival the entire EV truck industry.