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PPM’s new cold plates bring integrated cooling to power conversion systems

Power electronics distributor PPM Power has developed cold plates that offer integrated cooling of power modules, DC link capacitors and busbars for power conversion systems. The new cold plates have been designed to meet specific customer requirements for thermal performance and pressure drop. Customers can choose from a range of standard Power Ring capacitors and test kits with integrated busbars. Application-specific controls, filtering and other mission profile specifications can then be designed into the component, and a customized and minimized DC link capacitor, busbar and cooling system can be produced to specifications. Popular modules supported include SanRex Techno Block, ABB RoadPak, Microsemi SP6Li and industry-standard 62 mm devices.

“Working closely with both Advanced Power Conversion Solutions and suppliers for cold plates and thermal interface materials, we are able to offer high-thermal-performance designs which increase the lifespan of the DC link capacitor and which can integrate into a customer’s system,” said PPM Engineer Thomas Walkeden. “We assist customers by supplying the latest technology, including silicon carbide power semiconductors, in solutions optimized for size and weight. We integrate DC link capacitors, busbars, cooling and power modules to rapidly prototype designs for high-power-density applications.”

Source: PPM


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