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Parker LORD adds thermally-conductive adhesives to its EV portfolio

Parker LORD has expanded its EV product portfolio to include thermally conductive (TC) adhesives and one-component low-density gap fillers. The new adhesives are part of a strategy to create lighter-weight and smaller-footprint products that can help deliver additional energy density. Methods under development include bonding individual cells directly to the cooling plate and bonding directly to the vehicle chassis. For these designs to be viable, new bonding and thermal management technology is needed.

These Cell-to-Pack (CTP) adhesives offer strong adhesion, substantial thermal conductivity, low density, flow characteristics and low dielectric constants compared to previous offerings. The CoolTherm two-component portfolio provides a variety of thermal conductivities and chemistries to choose from, which provide high dispense rate, reliable cure performance and customizable electrical properties. There is also a new non-silicone, low-density, one-component gap filler.  

“It’s exciting to share our newly-developed solutions for the EV industry. We’re thrilled to continue growing our partnerships with OEMs and battery manufacturers,” said Brad Gibson, Parker LORD Director of Sales.

Source: Parker LORD


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