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Owners of cooked Karma plan to invest in Fisker

Rudy Burger, a partner at a Silicon Valley investment bank, doesn’t seem daunted by Fisker’s setbacks. The owner of the Karma sedan that caught fire on August 10, he intends to invest in the company.


It’s an old business adage that a customer complaint, handled correctly, can actually result in a fanatically loyal customer. This seems to have proved true for Fisker this week, as the Orange County Register reported that the owners of a Karma sedan that caught fire on August 10 intend to invest in the company.

Rudy Burger, a partner at a Silicon Valley investment bank, doesn’t seem daunted by Fisker’s setbacks, which include a more mysterious fire in May, a recall of 200 cars to fix a battery defect, and now a recall of 2,400 vehicles to fix the fan that caused the most recent flames. “I am not concerned about the recalls. Every car company in the world has had recalls. My rationale for investing is very simple … to make money. I think that Fisker is going to do well in the market.”

“[Fisker] tried very hard to make the ultimate environmentally friendly car,” said Wendy Burger. “Their intent to me is the thing we should all be supporting if you can afford to. And the fact that it's a new technology means you're going to have to spend a little effort supporting it.”

Ms. Burger told the Register that, shortly before the fire, they noticed that the Karma’s fan continued running for long periods after they plugged the car in, but they didn't think to call Fisker about it. An investigation by the company pinned the source of the fire to a faulty cooling fan in front of the left front tire.

Isn’t she afraid of another fire? No, her only worry is that the replacement car may not come in the same “deep ocean blue” color that she liked so much.


Source: Orange County Register
Image: Fisker

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