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Open source hardware platform lets anyone build an EV


Thanks to the internet (for better or for worse), anyone can publish their own book or magazine. What if anyone could build their own car? That’s the idea behind OSVehicle’s TABBY EVO, a modular open-source hardware platform for EVs.

The platform includes pretty much everything but the body and interior of the vehicle: chassis, powertrain, steering and suspension. It’s designed to be assembled in less than one hour, and costs between $12,480 and $19,980 (excluding the battery pack), depending on options.

TABBY EVO can be used to build prototypes or specialized vehicles, or to give startup automakers a head start. “Starting with TABBY EVO for your EV project allows you to save at least 3 years of R&D and $2 million,” says OSVehicle’s web site. “Your imagination is the only limit of what type of vehicle you can build with TABBY EVO. Previous customers have used our product for building anything from city cars, autonomous vehicles, agricultural vehicles, military vehicles, multi-utility vehicles, logistics vehicles, and much more.”

According to the company, the platform itself is completely street-legal in the US, the EU and Asia. However, “The final road legal approval has to be given to the complete vehicle since it’s related deeply to parts in the bodywork and interiors (e.g. the lights, safety belts, airbags, etc.).” OSVehicle has expertise in homologation and regulations, and can help with achieving street-legal certification for the finished vehicle.

All the plans and blueprints are open-source, and can be downloaded, modified and shared with OSVehicle’s online community.

Source: OSVehicle

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