Nissan starts LEAF battery exchange program in Japan

Nissan Leaf Battery Pack

Starting in May, Japanese LEAF owners will be able to exchange their old batteries for refurbished ones. Nissan will initially offer 24 kWh refabricated batteries for ¥300,000 ($2,853) each. Prices for brand-new replacement batteries range from $6,182 for a 24 kWh battery to $7,800 for the 40 kWh version.

Nissan is using the battery-rebuilding capabilities of 4R Energy, a company established through a joint venture with Sumitomo.


Source: Nissan

  • Rreinha

    Any information on when this program comes to the States?
    Or information on what the actual condition of the refurbished battery, like expected capacity of a 24kWh pack 100% or 90% or only better then 70%

  • Lance Pickup

    Not as much difference in the cost of a new 40kWh battery vs. the 24kWh battery ($1618) indicating that a greater portion of the cost is tied up in the pack construction itself rather than the cells. $1618 for 16kWh is pretty darn good…just about $100/kWh!

  • Anthony

    Can anyone lead me to a source where I can have my 08 Ford Escape Hybrid Battery Pack Refurbished?

  • Emanuel Ângelo

    Is there any possibility to apply a 40 kWh battery in a 2011 Leaf? Its original battery is a 24 kWh one.