Nissan head: EV range issue has been solved, now we’ll focus on affordability

Carlos Ghosn, Chairman of the Nissan/Renault/Mitsubishi alliance, says EV range anxiety is pretty much a thing of the past, and that his companies will now focus on lowering vehicle prices.

“We have seen that consumers do not talk anymore about range or autonomy as long as you guarantee more than 300 km,” Ghosn recently told reporters in Hong Kong.

The automakers only recently identified 300 km as the key milestone. “You could not have guessed this through studies,” Ghosn said. “You had to have 500,000 [electric] cars on the ground to understand that consumers do not put autonomy on top of their concerns any more when you cross 300 km.”

Ghosn LEAF

Renault’s Zoe EV claims a range of over 300 km, and Nissan estimates the range of its upcoming 2019 Leaf at 225 miles (362 km).

For the Chinese market in particular, price is now the key issue, Ghosn said. “When you look what are the electric Chinese cars that are selling, they are very, very affordable cars,” he said. “The price point of the LEAF today is not adequate for the Chinese market.”

Nissan plans to introduce an electric version of its Kwid crossover to the China market through its existing joint venture with Dongfeng. “This will address the particular segment of the very affordable electric car,” said Ghosn.


Source: Nikkei via Green Car Congress

  • jstack6

    BUT a LEAF has to keep it’s range and right now with no Battery Thermal Control they lose range very fast. In HOT areas like Georgia, Arizona and Texas they lose range at 5-20% a year. If it’s not within their capacity guarantee you have to buy a new battery that also degrades very fast. So it’s more than range. It’s long life batteries that hold their range.

  • Rreinha

    I think Ghosen has missed it this time. The only reason that I have not replaced my 2011(Leaf 123K miles) is because I want an EV that will replace my PHEV and 250 miles is what will do that for me

    • Lance Pickup

      I agree with you, but I think the key is that Ghosn was speaking to a Chinese audience, and that may more true in that demographic.

      It certainly is not in the US (not sure about Europe), where I think the target is more like 300 miles (I would even put it at 350, which gives an 80% range of 280 miles, or 4 hours at 70mph. But you also have to be able to replenish that 280 miles in 30 minutes or less as well.

      Nonetheless, the sentiment is correct, that at some point (whatever point that is), the carmakers need to stop worrying about larger batteries and focus on cost. I do appreciate that Nissan did that somewhat with the 2018 LEAF. But they need to offer options.

  • W0QR

    Depending on where you live of course but range will always be important. Range is even important with gas cars when service stations can be 80 miles or so away and aren’t always open. Like here in northern Nebraska. Probably worse in North Dakota.

  • freedomev

    First they best get better cells and active cooling.
    And they need to bring V2G/V2H to the US like they have in Japan and Europe to make their EVs stand out.

  • brenno

    Fix active cooling as well as price please Carlos!