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NHTSA will not investigate Tesla Model S fire

Get ready for the conspiracy theories. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said this week that it will not open a formal investigation into the battery fire that destroyed a Tesla Model S in Kent, Washington earlier this month.

“After reviewing all available data, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has not found evidence at this time that would indicate the recent battery fire involving a Tesla Model S was the result of a vehicle safety defect or noncompliance with federal safety standards,” an agency spokesman told the Detroit News.

According to Tesla, a collision at highway speed with a large metal object caused the fire, and the vehicle’s safety systems performed as designed, containing the fire in the front section of the car.

NHTSA Administrator David Strickland told reporters that the agency had been collecting data and been in talks with Tesla about the fire, which was one of the first things NHTSA’s defects team began looking at when they returned to work last week.



Because of the 16-day government shutdown, NHTSA wasn’t able to send investigators to the scene of the accident. If they had, they would surely have seen Elon Musk and President Obama hurrying the wreckage of the Model S into a waiting black helicopter.


Sources: Detroit News, Pravda         

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