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New survey: a majority of premium car drivers want to go electric

Data analytics firm Kantar, on behalf of Mercedes-Benz Mobility, recently surveyed 2,605 drivers of premium cars across all brands from Germany, the US and China, and found that a large majority of respondents “can imagine driving an electric car within the next five years.”

When broken down by country, the results roughly reflect the current respective levels of EV adoption. In China, 96% said they were ready to go electric. In Germany, the figure was 80%, and in the US 68%.

Buyers are increasingly open to the idea of moving beyond the traditional in-person car sales experience—for a majority of respondents, online contact with an auto seller was just as important as personal contact.

Car owners expressed a marked preference for financing their cars instead of purchasing them outright, particularly in Germany and the USA.

“We perceive a clear push towards e-mobility and a desire for more financial flexibility among car drivers,” said Franz Reiner, Chairman of the Board of Mercedes-Benz Mobility. “The study thus confirms our strategy of paving the way to green mobility with flexible financing options. The digital sales channel is playing an increasingly important role in this, but personal advice remains relevant.”

Source: Mercedes-Benz


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