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New study: Testosterone sells Teslas

Strategic Vision, a research-based consultancy, has released a New Vehicle Experience Study, which purports to offer some psychological insights into the behavior of Tesla buyers.

Most of the conclusions here will surprise no one: Tesla owners have double the average household income of other EV owners ($293,200), and are more likely to be adding a Tesla to their household fleet (51%) than replacing another vehicle. Tesla owners rank Performance – particularly “Handling and Cornering” – as their top priority (90%), whereas Fuel Economy is the top priority for Volt, LEAF and Prius Plug-In buyers (97%, 94% and 98%, respectively).

It’s probably also no surprise that most Tesla owners are male, but it is interesting that Strategic Vision found 29% fewer female owners compared to the average luxury buyer, 10% fewer than the average EV buyer, and 14% fewer than competing performance vehicles like the Mercedes CLS-Class and BMW 5 Series.

Blue or pink, Tesla buyers adore their cars (it would be strange if they did not, after parting with nearly 100 grand). Strategic Vision’s Teslanauts expressed “Love” for their Overall Vehicle Experience at a 20% higher rate than the average EV owner.                         

Source: Strategic Vision

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