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Mustang Advanced Engineering delivers first of three EV test stands to EV-maker

EV test stand designer and manufacturer Mustang Advanced Engineering (MAE) has delivered the first of three test stands to an undisclosed EV manufacturer.

The MAE AC-4000 is a CAN-communication-compatible chassis dynamometer that runs MAE’s PowerDyne software. Four independent AC motors located on the rollers provide independent load control to each wheel. The stand supports different test procedures and simulations, and is highly adjustable. It features a moveable-wheelbase system that can accommodate 2WD and AWD layouts, and wheelbases from 90 to 140 inches. The company also says the “automatic vehicle restraint and safety system greatly reduces the test cycle time and ensures that vehicles remain safely in position on the tester.”

The vehicle manufacturer also ordered an electric motor test stand for pre-production development and an end-of-line electric motor test stand, which is to be integrated into an automated production line.

Source: MAE


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