Motiv Power Systems to power 13 electric school buses

Motiv Power Systems, in partnership with school bus manufacturer Trans Tech, will build 13 zero-emission school buses for two school districts in the Sacramento region. The project is supported by a $7.5-million grant from the California Air Resources Board.

The Trans Tech eSeries buses will be built on the Ford E450 chassis, and powered by Motiv’s all-electric powertrains, which are manufactured in California. They will be distributed by First Priority GreenFleet.

Diesel-powered vehicles produce not only carbon emissions, but also particulate matter, which contributes to respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses. Research has found that children see improved lung function and have fewer sick days when schools implement cleaner fuel technologies.

“Motiv Power Systems’ all-electric powertrain kits are increasing the number of students who are transported in zero-emission vehicles,” said State Senator Bob Wieckowski. “This is especially beneficial to disadvantaged communities where poor air quality has severe health impacts for many residents.”

“The eSeries is a tremendous complement to our proven lineup of fuel-efficient conventional school buses,” said Trans Tech President John Phraner. “Combining our signature aerodynamic design with the Motiv Power Systems powertrain and Ford E450 chassis provides customers interested in an all-electric Type-A school bus the best choice on the market.”


Source: Motiv Power Systems

  • Eco Logical

    Diesels emit more harmful toxins than just Carbon and soot i.e. “particulate matter”. Soot fibers do the same thing as Asbestos in kid’s lungs but Nitrous Oxide, the same toxin that was 40 times (4,000%) above acceptable levels in VW’s ‘diesel gate’ scandal, creates Nitric Acid when it combines with water in kid’s lungs. Nitric Acid in small amounts causes asthma, in higher concentrations emphysema, and ultimately eats out kid’s lungs and asphyxiates them.

    In other words, DIESELS KILL KIDS !!!

    Yes, we need to get diesels out of school buses, but also from urban areas altogether i.e. anyplace where kids live, go to school, or play.

  • Vincent Wolf

    Diesels kill just like cigarettes. The diesel industry has been lying to us for decades just like the cigarette industry. Sue em.