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More videos reveal BMW i3’s most intimate details

BMW i3

We’re used to seeing automobiles in various states of undress, but the BMW i3 is especially shameless, baring it all for the cameras of an ever-curious EV press.

In January, the consulting firm Munro & Associates produced an entertaining video showing how its engineers took apart and reverse-engineered an i3. Now the firm has released a series of short clips of the teardown process, each of which highlights an interesting feature of the innovative EV, from the clever design of its battery pack to the carbon fiber body to the economically-designed interior (you can skip the first minute of each video, an intro segment that’s almost the same for all three).


Munro’s take on the i3’s innovations is instructive, but they aren’t really revealing any secrets here (of course, they might if you buy their Master Report for $500,000). In 2013, BMW released a set of videos that show the complete i3 production process – over an hour of fascinating footage of an ultra-high-tech robotic dance. Part 1 shows the battery pack assembly (starting around 7:48).           


Sources: Munro & Associates, The Electric BMW i3 blog

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