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More independent auto shops working on hybrids and EVs

Hybird Vehicle

EVs require far less maintenance than legacy vehicles, and some have predicted the demise of the friendly neighborhood repair shop. However, an increasing number of independent workshops are carrying out routine servicing and repairs on hybrids and plug-ins, according to Autodata.

Autodata supplies technical information to the automotive aftermarket, and over the last quarter, it has seen requests for data relating to electrified models increase by 104%. Repair personnel are looking for service schedules, wiring diagrams and wheel alignment specs.

“It is encouraging to see a number of workshops take a proactive step to accept jobs on alternatively fuelled vehicles,” said Autodata Chief Executive Rod Williams. “In the past there has often been a misconception about the ability of independents to carry out routine servicing and repairs on hybrids, however the reality is that with a modest level of investment in new tools and training, this can be achieved to the same standard as a one-brand dealer.”

“If you look back historically at emerging technologies, such as TPMS and diesel particulate filters, these were all things that workshops were reluctant at first to touch but have now become part and parcel of an independent’s offerings,” Williams continued.


Source: Autodata

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