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Model S is now Norway’s best-selling car

Tesla’s Model S reached yet another milestone in September, becoming the top-selling car in Norway for the month. Yes, that’s the top-selling car – gas, electric or otherwise. The luxury sedan’s market share in Norway reached 5.1 percent last month, elbowing the legacy VW Golf into second place with 4.6 percent.

In fact, demand for the Model S in the world’s EV capital is so great that some impatient souls have been buying them second-hand from existing owners, paying premiums of as much as $20,000 to avoid the five-month wait for a new one, according to Reuters.

“There has been an enormous demand for this car, and it doesn’t seem to stop. We have a lot of customers on the waiting list right now,” said Joar Tenfjord, the head of Tesla’s Bergen dealership.

A new Model S starts at the equivalent of $110,000 in Norway, but thanks to the country’s generous incentives for EV buyers, and its punitive taxes on gas guzzlers, even that price seems like a bargain.

Financial consultant and new Model S owner Anders Langset said that a dinosaur burner with similar performance could have cost him as much as $330,000. “I paid more for a second-hand car than I would have paid if I bought it when it was new, but the demand is so high that I am sure I would get my money back and then some if I sold it again today,” he told Reuters.


Source: Reuters

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