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Merchants Fleet introduces turnkey fleet electrification adoption tool

Fleet management company Merchants Fleet has launched a new tool designed to educate and assist clients as they make the transition to EVs.

Merchants Fleet has been providing fleet management and leasing solutions for over 50 years. The company’s new AdoptEV service provides a personalized plan to guide current and potential clients through the process of integrating EVs into their operations.

The AdoptEV program includes a comprehensive review of an organization’s fleet needs, vehicle and charging recommendations, and a mechanism to track and report the savings compared to ICE vehicles.

“As a nationwide fleet provider, Merchants plays a crucial role in accelerating the transition to EVs for our clients,” says Brendan P. Keegan, CEO of Merchants Fleet. “The latest updates to our client services—the development of AdoptEV and our membership with the Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance (CEVA)—reaffirm our commitment to innovative solutions that’ll help propel our nation into an emission-free future.”

Merchants Fleet has also joined the Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance (CEVA), an initiative led by the sustainability non-profit Ceres to promote the adoption of EV-friendly policies and industry best practices. Joining CEVA gives Merchants the opportunity to work with other like-minded organizations that are interested in accelerating electrification.

“Fleet management companies will play an essential role in moving the automotive and trucking industries to a net-zero future, and Merchants Fleet will help fuel our efforts as we work toward a rapid, cost-effective, and successful transformation of the US transportation sector,” says Sara Forni, head of the Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance.

Source: Merchants Fleet


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