MAHLE launches oil management module for EVs

Automotive supplier MAHLE has developed a new oil management module for EVs. The module includes a filter, electric oil pumps, and a thermostat.

MAHLE’s new module features a lightweight design, minimal pressure losses and low package constraints. The pressure-side filtration concept offers flexibility in the type, size, and power rating of the pump, reducing the risk of foaming and cavitation on the oil pump’s suction side.

Jörg Stratmann, CEO of MAHLE, said, “The technologies we have used are proven and suitable for large-scale production. Our approach of bringing together all the functions in one component makes our oil management module exceptional. We allow for a lot of design flexibility and combine what is technically feasible with what makes economic sense.”

Source: MAHLE

  • wowlfie

    Why does an EV need an oil pump or any kind of hydraulic fluid? Just use electric brakes via solenoids and do away with hydraulics.

  • Steve Woots

    Oil? What, if used as the cooling fluid?