Madrid car-sharing service launches with 500 Renault ZOEs


Renault has partnered with global infrastructure operator Ferrovial Services to create a car-sharing service in Madrid, called Zity. The new company will initially offer a fleet of 500 ZOE EVs located within the capital’s M-30 beltway, and in some adjoining areas.

Ferrovial operates toll roads, airports and other municipal services in more than 20 countries.

Renault’s ZOE, one of the most popular EVs in the European market, offers a real-world range of approximately 186 miles.

Several other car-share services, including Bluemove and Respiro, already operate in the Spanish capital. Madrid also boasts a fleet of 110 LEAF taxis, and several Model S operated by Uber.

Zity will begin operations in October.


Source: Renault via Green Car Congress

  • brian_gilbert

    Could provide valuable cost per mile figure for vehicle in more intensive use than usual. Current cost per mile is inflated due to personal cars only being used 5% of the time. Also solves problem of recharging time as user can just switxh to a fully charged car.