Lucid Motors announces location of its EV factory

lucid motors

Lucid Motors, an EV startup with a number of Tesla alumni on staff, has announced that Casa Grande, Arizona will be the location of its auto factory. The company evaluated 60 potential sites in 13 states, and made its selection based on the area’s “pro-business mindset, excellent workforce, forward-thinking academic institutions, proximity to our Silicon Valley headquarters [and] strong regional supply chain.”

Lucid’s Director of Manufacturing Brian Barron, an 18-year veteran of BMW, will oversee construction of the factory.

Lucid plans to break ground on the new facility, and begin hiring, in the first half of 2017. In 2018, production of its first model is slated to begin. By 2022, the company anticipates having 2,000 full-time employees at the site.



Source: Lucid Motors