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LEAF chief Andy Palmer leaves Nissan, to head Aston Martin

Andy Palmer, Chief Planning Officer at Nissan, is leaving the company to head UK automaker Aston Martin. Renault Executive VP Philippe Klein will take over Palmer’s portfolio at Nissan, which includes overseeing the company’s zero-emissions vehicles.

Palmer joined Nissan in 1991, and was named the company’s global number-three executive last November. His responsibilities are far-reaching, including product planning, marketing, sales and the Infiniti brand, and he has made frequent public appearances. “I’m the face of the car,” Palmer once said in an interview.

As the company’s point man for all things electric, Palmer has been quoted in many a Charged article. In 2012, when some LEAF owners in the Southwest found that their batteries were wearing out faster than expected, it was Palmer who took the heat, sitting down for a discussion with EV advocate Chelsea Sexton, and personally announcing the company’s improved battery warranty.

Some fear Palmer’s departure may be a blow to the company. “He is the main player on their field. He created the strategy. He knows the Nissan system well, from the old days,” said Barclay’s analyst Tatsuo Yoshida. “The loss of Andy is huge, but Klein is one of the best people to fill the gap.”


Source: Automotive News


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