Japanese LEAF buyers earn points to help pay their utility bills

Buyers of the new LEAF in a region of western Japan are now earning points that they can use to help pay their utility bills, as part of a partnership between Nissan and Shikoku Electric Power.

For the next three years, Shikoku customers who purchase a new LEAF will receive Yonden Points, which can be applied toward their monthly electricity bills.


Source: Nissan via Green Car Congress

  • Lance Pickup

    Seems like there is something missing from the bottom of this article (i.e. defining what Yonden Points are and how they are earned and used), but it seems like the press release this article came from basically says the same thing. Unless some more details emerge on this, it’s not really newsworthy.

    It did pique my interest, however. It would be good to know more about this program. Is this a reward for simply just buying the car, or do you get credits for charging the car at a certain time of day? Do you have to participate in some kind of V2G program? So confused!

  • jstack6

    If it included V2G they should get paid very good. In the Univ Of Delaware V2G project in the USA electric vehicle drivers get paid about $1,200 a year for just being plugged in even if they don’t pull any power from the cars. It’s like being paid to be as a running reserve. http://www1.udel.edu/V2G/

  • brenno

    Sounds like a great initiative and incentive to support EV uptake.