Jaguar reveals details of electric I-Pace

Jaguar has disclosed some details about its first fully electric vehicle. The I-Pace is an SUV with standard two-motor AWD, 394 hp and 512 ft-lb of torque. It will have a range of 240 miles and do 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds.

The interior will feature two touchscreens and a heads-up display that projects speed and navigation info on the windshield. Jaguar says the I-Pace will feature wireless software updates, and will gather data about the owner’s driving habits and preferences, using AI to adjust settings.

Jaguar plans to start US deliveries in the second half of this year, starting at $70,495.


Source: JaguarBusiness Insider

  • Roger J. Zamofing

    Great car and the size for an all electric SUV is now for the first time matching European parking facilities and standard. In some areas with the Model X you have no chance to park that car. Besides the falcon doors that is not making much fun e.g. in small Swiss towns with already small and lacking parking space. And just another fact most Automotive companies neglect with arrogance. Who in todays little households needs a 7 seat car, when usually 1.2 persons use a given car regularly? In times of crisis already before some idiots built 12 cylindre gigantic cars and now everybody runs for SUV as the most idiot trend of all. Might be some 10% really need such kind of vehicle but nobody is willing to really check to what daily purpose a car serves. The next trend on clogged roads is definitely NO CAR AT ALL, if self-driving or not is NO QUESTION. The problem specifically here is there are too much people and to much cars but no one with a responsible attitude towards nature will continue building infrastructure. And this just to move around senselessly 60 to 80 kg of rotten meat with 2 and more ton cars. It’s time that engineers START THINKING BEYOND the next trend…

    • brian_gilbert

      The problem with a small car is that it is so vulnerable in traffic as in the case of cycles and motorbikes.
      The solution is the adoption of completely dtiverless hired vehicles which will stick to their lanes like trains.
      Saves a lot of momey too.

      • VazzedUp

        Exactly, the only way to be safe is to get a bigger car…. I’m ordering a Tesla Semi so I can feel safe!

        • brian_gilbert

          …until you meet another Tesla Semi head-on with the driver not paying attention. So you need all vehicles to be driverless umder a central comtrol system which keeps them in lanes like trains.

    • JPTJr

      Ha! Couldn’t agree more. We need to accelerate FAST away from driving 2.5+ tonnes of sheet metal around to move our fat asses from point A to point B. Get on a goddamn bike! Or barring that, walk, or use public transportation or as a last resort, hire an electric car.