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Is Nissan considering a smaller EV and/or an electric crossover?

Nissan Gripz Concept: Un radical crossover deportivo

Nissan doesn’t seem to be ready to spill any details about the next-generation LEAF, but a company exec recently told Auto Express that the company is at least thinking about a couple of new electric models.

“We’ve invested $5.4 billion in electric cars such as the LEAF, so we need to ensure we’re satisfying as many types of customer as possible,” said Gareth Dunsmore, the head of Nissan’s European EV programs. “In Europe, that could mean looking towards B-segment hatches and SUVs or crossovers.”

A new, smaller EV is likely to be based on the Renault ZOE, which recently got a substantial battery upgrade. An electric crossover could be based on the LEAF itself. Nissan’s EV platform is believed to be based on the B0 architecture that is also used for the Nissan Juke crossover.

Nissan’s Executive VP for Product, Roel de Vries, also recently hinted at new EV models. “Nissan is committed to EVs making up a large part of its range, and we are looking at where we can add more electric cars,” he told Auto Express. “The next step would be in another volume sector, which probably isn’t sports cars.”


Source: Auto Express, AutoblogGreen


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