Indian Power Minister proposes a way to electrify the country’s entire auto fleet by 2030

India Flag

The Indian government is working on a scheme that would offer EVs to consumers with no down payment, to be paid for out of the fuel savings. The aim is to electrify the country’s entire auto fleet by 2030.

At a recent press event, Power Minister Piyush Goyal said that a working group including the country’s Road Minister, Oil Minister and Environment Minister has been created to develop the program.

“India can become the first country of its size which will run 100 per cent electric vehicles,” said Goyal (via Gadgets 360). “We are trying to make this program self-financing. We don’t need one rupee support from the government. We don’t need one rupee investment from the people of India.”

“Can we actually give electric cars for free, and people can pay for that out of the savings on petroleum products?” asked Goyal. “We are meeting in the first week of April to see if India can be 100 percent on electric vehicles by 2030.”

Mr. Goyal cited the example of the country’s Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme, which began last year, and has already provided over 83 million LED bulbs to families at an installment price of 10 rupees (about 15 cents) per month per bulb.


Source: Gadgets 360
India Flag – McKay Savage (CC BY 2.0)

  • Michael Scholey

    This sounds wonderful until one realises that they can’t even supply enough electricity to keep their cities supplied with electricity 24hrs a day and as for the rest of their rural areas …… !

    • Michael Walsh

      Yes and I heard they want to build like 400+ NEW COAL PLANTS?? Hmmmm

      • Michael Scholey

        The reason they can’t supply enough electricity is because the government owned coal mines can’t (won’t?) shovel enough coal to keep them supplied. And so it goes on.

  • Robert Cattle

    So its nuclear powered India?

    • das bab

      more like thorium powered 😀

  • Deborah Marie

    VERY NICE IDEA !!!!!!!