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Hyundai to expand electrified line-up to 10 models by 2022

Automakers often issue very different, even contradictory, press releases for different audiences—for us EV journalists, they play up their plans for plug-in vehicles, while for the car mags they celebrate ever-more-gigantic SUVs.

Hyundai recently announced plans for 12 new or updated SUVs, and vaguely hinted that one of them might be an electrified model. This sounded more than a little behind the times to us, and we might have been a little hard on Hyundai (but just a little).

Now the Korean carmaker has clarified that it has not one, but two “product blitzes” in the offing. The first blitz was the 12 SUVs, and the second is a plan to expand its existing electrified line-up to 10 models by 2022. By the end of 2022, Hyundai’s green team will include: the Elantra and Sonata hybrids; new hybrid and PHEV versions of the Tucson and Santa Fe SUVs; the existing Nexo fuel cell vehicle; the existing electric version of the Kona; and 2 new battery-electric models, the Ioniq 5 and Ioniq 6.

Oddly, Hyundai’s latest announcement did not mention the existing Ioniq (which is currently available in hybrid, PHEV and EV versions), or the Ioniq 7 (which was previously announced with a 2024 launch date). So, we’re still a little confused about the exact line-up (perhaps the company is too?). However, it’s certain that Hyundai has several electrified models in the pipeline, and that these will cover all the powertrain possibilities, from hybrid to pure electric.

“Hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains accommodate a variety of vehicle sizes, but battery electric is a better match for smaller vehicles,” said Hyundai North America VP Olabisi Boyle.

Source: Hyundai via SlashGear

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