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Hino speeds production timeline for its Class 4-8 electric trucks

Hino Trucks, a subsidiary of Toyota, is accelerating the production timeline for its suite of battery-electric vehicles. The new Class 4-8 electric trucks are now slated to go into low-volume production in Q4 2022 and full production by the end of 2023.

The company originally planned to have its BEV range in production by 2024, but Transport Dive reports that a new partnership with Cummins will allow Hino to shift resources from diesel engine development to Project Z, its zero-emissions vehicle program.

“This new partnership is in line with the recent shift we have seen among other OEMs who are looking to strong industry partners to help offset their growing R&D investments into new ZEVs,” said Glenn Ellis, Hino’s Senior VP of Customer Experience.

Hino’s move was unexpected, not only because parent company Toyota continues to resist the electrification trend, but also because other truck makers are struggling with a shortage of batteries. The Tesla Semi has been delayed due to a lack of battery cells, and Nikola recently reduced production targets for its upcoming Tre models due to supply chain disruptions.

A Hino spokesperson told Transport Dive that the company is “working closely” with its battery partners to ensure “ample supply” in order to meet the new production timeline.

Hino is also pursuing fuel cell vehicles. Toyota and Hino announced last October that they would collaborate to develop a Class 8 FCEV for the North American market.

Source: Transport Dive


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