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Halevai’s new electric 24-foot pontoon boat

Electric boat startup Halevai has unveiled its debut craft, the Halevai2050. The American-made Halevai2050 is a 24-foot fully electric pontoon boat that is highly customizable and “affordable” (it starts at $95,000).

The Halevai2050 has a top speed of 20 knots and a range of 50 nautical miles (four to six hours of battery operation). The drivetrain system was built by Halevai partner Hypercraft. The 144 V battery system is available with two capacity options: Standard (60 kWh) and Extended Range (80 kWh). Lifespan of the marine battery pack is estimated at 4,000 power cycles. The motor delivers 75-100 kW (100-135 hp).

Halevai estimates that owners will see about 60% annual savings on maintenance and fuel costs compared to a gas-powered boat.

The Halevai2050 is available for order now, and delivery time is estimated at 9 to 12 months.

Source: Halevai


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