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Green4U Technologies displays two electric SUVs

Georgia-based Green4U Technologies showed its first all-electric vehicles – the MTU-6 and Enova SUVs – at two recent US trade shows.

The developmental prototypes on display feature all-electric powertrains that will deliver up to 230 miles of range. Both vehicles, which are designed primarily for fleet use, will share an in-house-designed modular aluminum chassis. Both feature six doors to provide easy access to each SUV’s second- and third-row seats.

Green4U plans to begin delivering MTU-6 and Enova SUVs to customers by the second quarter of 2018. The company’s future product line, which it plans to bring to market over the next two years, includes neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs), SUVs, sedans, passenger and cargo vans and medium and large commercial vehicles.

“Our engineers designed a lightweight and strong aluminum chassis, and are optimizing electric drivetrains and systems to deliver the range and performance that fleet operators need,” said CEO and co-founder Jack Perkowski. “We’re focusing on fleet operators because they understand how EVs can greatly lower their operating costs. A company that has fleet vehicles traveling 50,000 miles a year can save thousands of dollars through lower fuel and maintenance costs.”

Green4U is also involved in electric motorsports – it unveiled the Panoz Racing GT-EV electric race car concept this summer at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France.

“Our three decades of motorsports design, engineering, fabrication and manufacturing experience helps us to fast-track vehicle development,” said Don Panoz, Green4U’s Chairman and co-founder. “Weight greatly affects EV range, but we are experts at making things light and strong. Great examples are the aluminum chassis designs and body panels we’ve used on Panoz sports cars for the past 20 years, and the lightweight composite and metal structures created not only for racing but also for our non-racing aerospace, aviation and industrial customers.”



Source: Green4U Technologies


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