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Formula E makes strategic investment in Extreme E electric off-road racing series

Formula E is an all-electric FIA racing championship featuring races in iconic international city centers. Soon, another very different class of electric racing will make its debut: Extreme E is a rough-and-tumble off-road rally that will showcase the abilities of electric SUVs against the backdrop of remote ecosystems. Both organizations share the goal of highlighting the performance of EVs and acceleration the transition to e-mobility.

Now the two racing series have announced plans to join in a sort of dynastic marriage: Formula E has become a minority shareholder in Extreme E, and Formula E CEO Jamie Reigle will take a seat on the Extreme E Board of Directors. Extreme E CEO and Formula E founder Alejandro Agag will retain the role of Formula E Chairman. The two businesses remain independent, but the close collaboration of their leadership will allow a truly strategic partnership.

The first race of the 2020/21 Formula E World Championship will take place in Santiago in January. Extreme E’s first season will kick off in Saudi Arabia in March.

The Extreme E races will be staged in extreme environments around the world which have already been damaged or affected by climate and environmental issues. To minimize local impact, they will not be open to live spectators, but fans will be invited to follow the action on live TV.

A ship called the St. Helena has been transformed into Extreme E’s operations hub. It will be used to transport the championship’s infrastructure, including vehicles, to the nearest port, minimizing Extreme E’s environmental footprint.

Extreme E plans to use hydrogen fuel cell technology to power its race fleet with zero-emission energy. A system provided by AFC Energy uses water and solar power to generate green hydrogen.

Extreme E’s Season 1 calendar consists of five race locations featuring five very different types of terrain: Al Ula, Saudi Arabia (March); Lac Rose, Senegal (May); Kangerlussusaq, Greenland (August); Para, Brazil (October) and Patagonia, Argentina (December).

“Formula E and Extreme E stand out as sports founded with purpose,” said Jamie Reigle. “As we both race for better futures, a strategic partnership with Extreme E is a natural progression for Formula E. We are joining forces in our fight against climate change, while each continuing on our independent and complementary sporting paths.”

“It has always been my intention to have Formula E and Extreme E working closely together, spreading the message of electrification, environment and equality,” said Alejandro Agag. “The two series are very different but have a shared purpose as they fight alongside one another to counteract climate change.”

Source: Extreme E


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