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Ford COO says electric F-150 pickup and Transit van will arrive mid-2022

Ford COO Jim Farley has announced that electric versions of the F-150 pickup and Ford Transit van will make it to market by mid-2022. He offered no further information about the vehicles.

“We are No. 1 in the pickup and the van market in Western Europe and the US, and this is our chance,” Farley told CNBC. “We are electrifying and we’re a brand people trust.”

It’s certainly a chance that Ford must seize, and one wonders if the No. 1 pickup truck maker may be a little late to the party. Tesla’s Cybertruck, Rivian’s electric pickup and Lordstown’s Momentum pickup, aimed at fleet buyers, are all supposed to make the scene in 2021 (to say nothing of GM’s reborn Hummer).

The legacy F-150 has been redesigned, and the updated version, which includes a new electrical architecture, is scheduled to be unveiled July 25.

Source: CNBC


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