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Foothill Transit inaugurates fully electric bus line

As cities around the world test electric buses, Foothill Transit – a public transportation provider in Los Angeles County, California – will start regular service on a fully electric bus line this week.

Four years ago, Foothill Transit became the first public transit agency to put fast-charging electric buses into service.  It now has a fleet of 13 Ecoliner 35-foot battery-electric buses, manufactured by South Carolina-based Proterra. The agency’s Line 291, which travels 17 miles between the cities of Pomona and La Verne, will carry passengers exclusively with these vehicles. The Ecoliner has a 30-mile range and can recharge en route in 10 minutes.

“The immense challenges we face with the environment demand that we expand our sustainability efforts,” said Foothill Board Chair Doug Tessitor.  “Rapid advancement in battery and vehicle technology makes zero-emission public transit not only possible but reliable.  This is the time and place for us to show that zero-emissions transit is here now.”

Foothill Transit has also ordered several of Proterra’s next-generation 40-foot, V2 electric bus, and delivery is expected in early 2015.


Source: Foothill Transit


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