Fiat Chrysler announces plans for 10 new EVs

You’ll never guess which of the Big Three just announced plans for 10 new EVs. Yes, Fiat Chrysler (FCA) plans to introduce the new models under its Jeep, Maserati, and Fiat brands within the next 4 years.

Currently, Fiat’s only plug-ins are the e500, a compliance car that CEO Sergio Marchionne has asked customers not to buy, and the Pacifica Hybrid, a PHEV that’s available in limited quantities (aspiring autonomy player Waymo is buying up much of the current production).

Now Marchionne says the company will invest 9 billion euros in electrification over the next 4 years, introducing several new hybrids and PHEVs across all its brands, including 10 new EVs.

Here’s the catch: most of these new models are destined for China. FCA’s new EVs are supposed to start appearing around 2020. As always, there’s no way to know if the company will produce them in volume, or if it will turn out just enough to satisfy Chinese regulators.


Source: FCA via Electrek

  • jstack6

    I would never have guessed the they would offer to make so many models. We’ll see how they do and what the prices are.

    • ingemar

      They will do the same as they always have

  • ingemar

    Chrysler has recalled almost 7 million cars since 2005 they can’t make cars look wat they did to jeep.jeeps are junk now

  • 1Helios

    inflection points are the graveyards of the timid. People are shorting TSLA, when in fact FCAU is the company to short… sad to see. Anyone that has driven a good EV for more than a week knows that the writing is on the wall; “the electrification of the automobile is a forgone conclusion” (Bob Lutz).

  • Jim Stack

    Their Fiat 500e is pretty good but very limited in production numbers.
    Jeep is very inefficient and unsafe at any speed on any road and off road. But sales seem to be booming so they may really build more electrics. Maybe an electric JEEPEV?