“Faster, cleaner, cheaper” – Lifelong motorhead becomes EVangelist

Tesla Model S (Charles Morris)

Marco “Speedy” Jeanrenaud, a resident of the Lake Geneva region of Switzerland, is a connoisseur of the automobile. A lover of classic American cars, he has owned a 1976 Cadillac, a Dodge Charger, several Ford Mustangs, a Range Rover SUV, and Harley and BMW motorcycles (as well as more prosaic vehicles, including a Hyundai minivan and a Honda Civic).

He was always highly skeptical of hybrids and EVs, but like most of his performance-loving ilk, was intrigued by Tesla. He took a couple of test drives, but wasn’t ready to step on the pedal until one day when he went to a launch event for a new Jaguar. There was a Model S next to the new Jag in the parking lot, and that was all anyone at the party seemed to be talking about.

After another test drive and a few long talks with his wife, Mr. Jeanrenaud bought a dealer demonstrator Model S 70D for a bargain price of 74,000 Swiss francs ($75,480).

A couple of months later, Speedy is an ordained Tesla EVangelist, explaining to anyone who will listen why they ought to go electric too. He plans to have solar panels installed on his house by the Swiss branch of SolarCity.

The performance and amenities of the Model S are far superior to any car Mr. Jeanrenaud has driven, and he’s convinced that, in the long run, the Tesla is cheaper as well. To prove it, the analytically-minded Swiss prepared a spreadsheet with data on his favorite cars that he’s owned. He assumed usage of 40,000 km/year, and a gas price of 1.50 francs per liter. Based on data provided by his local electric utility, he assumed an electricity cost of 3 francs per 100 km.

Model S cost spreadsheet copy


Tesla Model S (Charles Morris) 3


  • brian_gilbert

    I know that the electric fuel cost of electric cars is paltry but it should be stated above for the Tesla to complete the proof. In fact I would like to know it anyway.

    • Lance Pickup

      Doesn’t it already say it? 12,000 francs for 10 years? (which, as the article states is 40,000km * 3 francs / 100 km * 10 years = 12,000 francs)

      • brian_gilbert

        Yes but I was after the cost per km or mile which I later spotted.

    • Jeanrenaud

      Hello Brian, I will have more facts by the end of the year with the exact cost of electricity in my country, (Switzerland). The figure of basically CHF 3.- for 100 Km comes out of a study at the EPFL ( a competent university of technology) but are not yet accurate. In fact I do expect a cost less then that because I am only charging the car at night time and first of all and that changes the rate and also because we do have now 112 places to charge a Tesla in Switzerland which is enormous considering the size of our very small country. And that makes a perfect “playground” for them. Cheers

      • brian_gilbert

        Hello Jeanrenauld. Thankyou for that. I am an advocate of completely driverless countries to avoid the problem of human-driven vehicles crashing into you.

  • Bill Davis

    Mr. Jeanrenaud,
    Do you really drive 40k per year? That seems like an awful lot for Europe. Welcome to EV life!

    • Jeanrenaud

      I sure do. Last 20 years I drove over 50’000 k per year. ( I am a musician) Even the government did not believed it that fact on my paytaxes. So I had to prove it with bills. And I did. Cheers

  • Gillian Lacey

    Great table! I think a maintenance cost of 1000 is a lot (tyres?) cos servicing will be less than 150.
    Just one point – surely Fuel cost should be energy cost? fuels such as petrol and gasoline burn to produce energy – not so for EVs (my middle name is Pedant…)

    • Jeanrenaud

      This table is a base. It will be exact in time. I do not know the real cost of maintenance of the Tesla Model S yet. I suppose what I wrote. Transparence is the new game in the automobile world.

  • Ramon A. Cardona

    Welcome to the EV club. We need more members like you. Keep at it!!

  • Highland Flyng

    The calculation for the cost of maintenance is underestimated for Switzerland. It’s twice as much.