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ExxonMobil launches new suite of fluids and greases for electric vehicles

ExxonMobil has launched a new suite of fluids and greases, named Mobil EV, to meet the drivetrain requirements of electric vehicles.

ExxonMobil says the Mobil EV suite of products contains molecules carefully selected and blended to help EVs travel farther between charges, extend component life, and operate more safely. The Mobil EV product range includes:

  • Mobil EV Therm: Thermal management fluids for batteries, electric motors and power electronics
  • Mobil EV Drive: Lubricants for EV reduction gearboxes, designed to protect gears and bearings from wear for a longer service life
  • Mobil EV Cool Drive: Fluids for EV reduction gearboxes with integrated electric motors, designed to lubricate gears and bearings while providing the necessary cooling for electric motors and power electronics
  • Mobil EV Grease: Products designed to ensure protection, performance, and reliability for applications like motors, bearings, and CV joints

“Mobility is changing and electric vehicles are becoming a greater part of the mix,” said ExxonMobil VP Russ Green. “Customers and OEMs are looking to optimize the range and safety performance of their electric vehicles. This is just the start of the product and service solutions we’ll be developing to support the evolving needs of our customers.”

Source: ExxonMobil

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