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Evum Motors develops a simple and rugged EV for the developing world

Evum Motors, a spin-out from the Technical University of Munich (TUM), has a mission to promote electric mobility in the developing world.

Evum’s concept vehicle, which the company developed in cooperation with local universities in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania, is a fully electric multi-purpose light truck designed to suit local needs. It features a one-ton payload, all-wheel drive and a range of 80 km.

The modular frame can be adapted for a variety of use cases. The battery can store solar power from on-board panels, and provide external power to drive a pump, cool vaccines, or provide lighting at night.

The company successfully tested a prototype in Ghana this summer. The plan is to assemble the vehicle at small manufacturing facilities in Africa. Production is scheduled to start in mid-2019.



Source: Evum Motors


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