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EV Fleet targets the commercial vehicle market with a pure electric pickup truck

EV Fleet

Several small companies hope to electrify the commercial fleet vehicle market. Most of them are taking what they see as the path of least resistance – converting existing trucks to plug-in hybrids. However, a North Carolina-based firm with the evocative name EV Fleet is going all the way, betting that companies will opt for the maximal fuel savings of a purpose-built electric vehicle.

The Condor is a US-made all-electric pickup truck with a payload of 1,000 lbs. It’s available with a 32 kWh or 50 kWh battery pack, and comes with DC fast charging capability. According to the company, it is “compatible with V2G technology.” 

Top speed is over 85 mph. EV Fleet estimates the range at 100 miles at 65 mph, or 140 miles at 45 mph. Like Tesla’s Model S, it has a dry storage area under the front hood, where the engine isn’t.

EV Fleet offers a 10-year, unlimited mileage warranty on the drivetrain, and a two-year (replacement) or eight-year (prorated) warranty on the battery pack, which it says should last for 3,000 cycles.

EV Fleet

Base MSRP is scheduled to be $49,995 before rebates and incentives. Options include several types of cargo box, including refrigerated; a solar power station for running tools and equipment; and a towing package with electric trailer brakes (maximum load 1,000 pounds).


Source: EV Fleet via Tree Hugger


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