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Europe’s largest electric bus fleet adds its 500th vehicle

What city currently operates the largest fleet of electric buses in Europe? It’s not Oslo or Amsterdam, but Moscow, which just launched its 500th electric bus. Moscow’s electric fleet is thus the largest in Europe. That’s right—as of October, there were 300 electric buses in London, 259 in Paris, 200 in Berlin and 164 in Amsterdam, according to Mosgortrans, the bus operator that serves the Russian capital.

Moscow’s first electric buses took to the streets in autumn 2018. The 500th bus is a KAMAZ 6282, one of 300 e-buses supplied by domestic manufacturers GAZ and KAMAZ. Mosgortrans says it plans to have 2,600 electric buses operating in Moscow by 2024—that’s still only a third of the city’s enormous bus fleet.

The KAMAZ 6282 uses lithium-titanate batteries, has a range of 70 km, and can be charged in 6-12 minutes with ultrafast charging stations using a half-pantograph (whatever that is). It can also be charged overnight using three-phase 380 V AC. It can be charged at temperatures ranging from +45 to -40° C, a must for year-round operation in Moscow’s punishing climate.

Source: Green Car Congress

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