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Electric boat motor uses wind energy to recharge its batteries

No, this isn’t another article about a perpetual-motion machine (at least, we hope not).

Oceanvolt has offered hydro-regenerating motors for some years. Its ServoProp variable-pitch sail drive motor has a regeneration feature that can charge an electric boat’s batteries while sailing. When moving under wind power, the drag of the water forces the propellor to move backwards, turning the motor into a generator in the manner familiar to every EV driver.

“The ServoProp variable-pitch sail drive combines a high-efficiency sail drive with the most powerful hydro-generator on the market,” says Oceanvolt. “The unique feature of the ServoProp is the possibility to turn the propeller blades more than 180 degrees. The software-controlled variable-pitch sail drive adjusts the pitch of the propeller blades automatically so that the power generation and power output are optimal. Combined with uniquely designed blades, it delivers optimal efficiency in both forward, reverse and hydro generation.”

The ServoProp can switch from regeneration to propulsion at the push of a button. The new HighPower ServoProp 25, the most powerful model in the lineup, can regenerate 5 kW of power while traveling at 10 knots. In propulsion mode, it delivers 25 kW of continuous power (30 kW peak).

The 419-pound sail drive is suitable as a propulsion motor for boats up to 70 feet in length.

Deliveries of the new model are to begin by the end of this year.

Source: Electrek


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