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Elaphe begins production of new in-wheel hub motor

In-wheel electric motor manufacturer Elaphe Propulsion Technologies will begin low-volume production of the L1500, a new gearless in-wheel powertrain system, in the fourth quarter of 2019. The system features high torque, low weight, and a compact packaging fitted around standard knuckles and friction braking systems.

The L1500 generates 1.500 Nm of torque and 110 kW of power output, while fitting inside wheels as small as 19 inches. The motor is compatible with rear-wheel-, front-wheel-, and four-wheel-drive vehicles.

In a recent track testing of the L1500 powertrain in a modified prototype EV, the car achieved 0-100 km/h in 3.5 seconds, which Elpahe claims is the fastest time recorded for an in-wheel motor.

“Our technology enables manufacturers to design and produce EVs rapidly and cost-effectively without compromise to their existing vehicle architectures or complex packaging,” said Elaphe CEO Gorazd Lampič. “The technology also integrates seamlessly with autonomous driving applications, providing feedback data, unprecedented responsiveness, and enhanced vehicle controllability.”

Source: Elaphe


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