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Eight US cities form Energy Secure Cities Coalition to advance fleet electrification

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A group of cities from around the US have formed a partnership called the Energy Secure Cities Coalition (ESCC), with the goal of transforming their municipal fleets from legacy petroleum-fueled vehicles to electric and natural gas.

Participating cities will form a network to learn from each other about the fleet conversion process, and participate in a forum to share best practices.

The eight charter cities are: San Diego, Sacramento, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Charlotte NC, Orlando and West Palm Beach FL, and Rochester NY.

Atlanta plans to deploy one of the largest electrified fleets in the US, starting with 50 EVs and PHEVs. The city estimates that this first step will save up to 600 gallons of fuel per vehicle per year and reduce maintenance costs by 40 percent.

“Advanced fuel vehicles are a critical part of Atlanta’s sustainability plan. Electric vehicles not only make environmental sense, but also protect our national security by reducing our reliance on oil,” said Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed.

The city of Orlando has pledged to run city fleet vehicles on 100 percent renewable resources by 2030. San Diego’s climate action plan calls for 90 percent of its municipal fleet to be zero-emission vehicles by 2035. West Palm Beach hopes to ween its vehicles off fossil fuels by 2025.

“With 92 percent of US transportation powered by oil, our local economies remain dangerously exposed to a volatile, unpredictable global oil market,” said Robbie Diamond, CEO of Securing America’s Future Energy. “Cities are our havens for innovation, and these eight mayors are leading the charge, demonstrating to the rest of the nation that fuel diversity means greater economic security.”


Source: Securing America’s Future Energy


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